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About Us

How it started

KC Garments was started by Sh.Ved Prakash Khanna and Sh.Govind Lal Khanna in 1987. KC started by selling shawls, blankets and surplus items from Ludhiana, Amritsar, Panipat and Tiruppur to the capital of India. By 1990 KC realised the need for cotton products in the Northern market and expanded to sourcing cotton-based products from Tirupur. This was the start of a new era and we started connecting with International buyers from CIS countries. By 1995 we were exporting directly overseas. The early 2000s taught us the need to develop our brands and we moved towards developing our brands with the idea of providing a vast variety to the Indian market at the best possible prices.

Help the population access fashion at affordable prices. KC doesn't see profit maximization as the sole objective of working but as helping the masses wear fashion not clothing 

Enter the digital market to showcase our variety and help customers better plan their buying needs, budgeting and cost-plan to serve the nation better.

Our objective is to provide value-based fashion to the masses by reaching out to maximum retailers via online or offline mediums. Give them insights based on our 30+ years of experience.

Our Values 
We strive for our product, process and customer to be as simple, straightforward, and understandable as possible.

We understand trust is what drives business and we ensure that the products you buy are at the right price for all.

“Your delivery terms and our payment Terms ” This is our motto with all our partners to maintain our trust and authenticity